Eating out in Koh Lanta

Our guide to the best restaurants on the island

Lanta island offers some good bars and restaurants, almost all with a laidback vibe - you'll find very little in the way of wild parties here. Most people stick with their nearest beach bar or cafe, which will serve the standard menu of Thai dishes with a few western basics - sandwiches, burgers etc., but for the more adventurous, there are some excellent restaurants to try out around Ko Lanta.

The large expat population on the island during the high season months means you can find authentic western food on almost every beach.

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Nightlife in Koh Lanta

Beach bars rules on this tiny island

Most people visit Koh Lanta for the beaches, rather than the evening entertainment, which is fairly relaxed. Indeed, on the northern, family-oriented beaches, many tourists are happily tucked up in bed by 11pm.

What little nightlife there is, is generally in keeping with the islands easy-going beach culture. As the sun goes down, prettily-lit, bamboo-shack beach bars come into their own. Here, a few tunes, the sound of the waves and a view of the stars is all there is in the way of entertainment; although some bars will put on fireshows or live music in the peak season.

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