Transport around Lanta Island

Lanta Yai Island now has a good road network, which makes it easy to get around - although public transport is very limited. Here, we list some of the transport options on the island.

There is no real public transport, or regulated taxi service in Ko Lanta, although there are some motorbike sidecar taxis around Saladan, that charge per journey - from Saladan to Phra Ae should be around 40 baht. But by far the easiest way to get around is to rent your own vehicle - either a car or a motorycle. This can usually be done through your hotel or resort, or through some tour agents in Saladan.

Since the recent completion of a paved road down to the end of Ba-Kantiang Bay, Ko Lanta is much more accessible than in the past. To get from beach to beach or visit the Old Town, a motorbike is usually adequate, as the distances are short. Important note: unless you have previous experience riding a motorbike or scooter, we do not recommend this form of transport, however, as (minor) accidents happen very easily and there is no insurance provided, nor any serious hospital on the island.

If you're venturing further south west, to the National Park, or along the north-east coast, it will be essential to rent a working four-wheel drive (4WD) car, as the roads are muddy, potholed and often extremely steep. In bad weather, or after heavy rain, it is not advised to travel on these roads at all.

It's also worth noting that most resorts are within easy walking distance of bars and restaurants, and that all organised tours and activities you book here - on or off the island - will include transfers to and from your hotel, so there may be much less 'getting around' (and more relaxing!) than you originally thought.

Boat charter in Koh Lanta

Lanta, unlike the rest of Krabi, is not a haven for longtail boats

In Ko Lanta, there are no local islands within easy reach by longtail boat, so there are no boats for hire lined up along the beach like in Ao Nang and Ko Phi Phi. It is possible to hire a longtail to go to Ko Ngai, but it is quite an arduous journey even in clement weather and costs around 3000 baht. Unless you have some special reason for travelling this way, it is advisable to travel with a tour boat.

If you wish to charter a speedboat or sailing boat for a private group, or tailor made cruise, this is, however, possible and you should contact your tour agent, or hotel front desk for further information.

Small boats to Ko Bubu and the other inhabited islands leave from the pier in Old Lanta Town.